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Monday, May 2, 2011

Rainy Cold Derby Week

Today I asked my husband...When did we move to Seattle? It is so cold and rainy! Our high is in the 50's and tomorrow will only be a high of maybe 52!! I guess I do kinda go through this each Spring since we moved here. See in Texas we just have hot and hotter. A day like this would be one of our cold winter days. So, when winter is suppose to be over and the pretty flowers bloom and the trees are turning so many shades of bright green... I just long for the warm air too.  I am ready for a warm day on a hammock with a nice book and my kitty. A gentle breeze, just enough to keep the sweat away.

The Kentucky Derby festivities have officially started. For those that do not live here, you may not know about all the fun that leads up to the actual Race Day. It all started off with Great Balloon Race on Saturday. This are so beautiful and come in all sizes, shapes and colors. after the balloons all land, that evening is celebrated with the "balloon glow". This is awesome!!  here are some pictures from this race and the Balloon Glow.

There is also a marathon and a mini marathon that took place this weekend on Saturday. We all had a really good laugh at our pastor for sitting on a stool to deliver this Sunday's service after taking part in the mini marathon. Well props to him because I didn't even try it.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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Bee Lady said...

My cousin lived in Lexington for a couple of years and we went to the races at Keeneland. Loved it. So much fun. I miss it, but I'm glad she is back in Indiana, close to me :)

Cindy Bee

I think you forgot your mint julep while in that hammock!


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