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I'm a displaced South/Central Texan living in Louisville Kentucky
I am a princess because I am a child of the Risen King! My background is Baptist, but believe I have a relationship not a religion. I married my childhood sweetheart and together we have raised two wonderful children and got them married off. I love everything about being a wife and mother. Now guess what? I am going to be a GRANDMA!! We are so excited for this next step in our lives.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Had a waonderful walk along the waterfront. Sat at Fest - A - Ville and listen to music. Then we took a long drive along River Road on our way home. . . A very nice Saturday.

The temp. has been so pretty. We have had the air turned off and the attic fan on so the house has been a nice 71 however Melissa stays at an excact 60 degrees downstairs no matter what time of year it is.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crohn's Disease

The latest in medical news….. I have Crohn's Disease. I have been dealing with IBS diet restrictions and what the Dr. gave me as a lit to go by leaves nothing to eat. No dairy except egg whites, No meat except white meat poultry and fish, No sugar, No sugar substitute. Ahhh the list goes on.

We had sleet today and was really really cold. I can’t wait until Friday we are to get into the 80’s!!!!!!. Finally we should stay up around 70’s and 80’s and only have a few days in the 60’s for our highs.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am so excited

We will be picking up Mom Metcalf from the airport on Sat 4/11! We will have her here over Easter and her birthday! I'm just sorry it won't seem any warmer than Christmas was. Well, yes it will, but still very cool with some rain. Hopefully all flurries will be gone by then. We were hoping for good weather to go out and do more.

Second It's DERBY TIME! I have been going over all the festival events and making our calendar. This is so big here, those in Houston think the Rodeo is big? uh-uh New Orleans mardi Gras uh-uh the kids are out of school the whole week of events go all day every day and they begin with worlds largest and best firework display and show. (Second is Macy's 4th of July) The day starts with the Thunder Air Show at 3pm and goes to 9pm. Then there is a week of amazing, crazy, anything you can think of contest and shows. From Bed Races where teams sign up to build and race beds to golf tounements.

Here are some pictures of last years Thunder

Above and below are both of the 2nd street bridge that crosses from Louisville Kentucky to Indiana - you can see the light of Jeffersonville IN. on the otherside on the picture above.

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Springing with snow

I woke up this morning and saw some trees had some green on them. Some of the red buds and cherry blossoms were trying to make their appearance as well. Then when I got back from my appointment I saw the news, we are in for sleet and snow on Monday. Yeah well it snowed last Easter too. We really don't get all the way out of this until the 2nd week of May.

OK I have promised some Spring Pictures. Don't have them all on the computer yet but here are some of my favorite The Tulip Tree. This tree is amazing and pictures just don't do it justice.


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