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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winter 2009

The snow is very pretty and we still get excited over having flurries. Our big snow this year made for some trouble as we had lots of ice as well. So though it's very pretty untill the trees start to break and the power goes out. We were without power for 4 days. That means we were some of the lucky ones many were out for weeks.

On my way to the Dr.'s office, I drive down this road. Sping and Fall along this road are just as breath taking.

In the Hood

Crosswalk downtown you can't really tell the length here. But even though they look long, can you believe these ice cycles are 12 - 18 inces long.

Thought this was funny. That is a cargo ship going down the river. "Do they need to ship snow to Ohio?"

Then the fun
became work for
too many people


Anonymous said...

Wow this is wonderful----------------------I hope this is working, not real sure of what I am doing,lol

I have been sitting here eating fresh strawberries the size of small apples, sure are good and wish we were sharing them.

I will check this blog everyday you can be sure, then it will be great to know what is happening there.

There is not hardly anything new around here. I am working at adjusting to this new way of life,l0l. I had a fall back last week or so, but was out of a medicine and had to wait for it till they finally got everything straight so I could recieve it. It sure is great to be back on it and now I know how much help it is.

The wheelchair takes a litle getting used to,lol. BUT it is great when we go to a big store like Bass Pro Shops to just sit and enjoy,lol

Well this is nice, a great way to keep in touch------------LOVE YOU

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Brr!!! (That is the one thing that I think is so pretty...snow...but KY is about as far north as I think I would live (my dad's family are all from Wisconsin and my dad lives way in northern Wisconsin almost by Michigan's upper peninsula)...

Our older daughter was on UofL's Women's Crew and the girls would have to break the ice by the river some of the mornings for practice!

Blessings & Aloha!


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