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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Please pray

Found the cause of all the pain I have been in for a few days now. I have a major infection. I just got my prescriptions filled and I am back home. I have Penicillin, and since the Vicaprophin didn’t work for the pain we are moving up a notch and will try Percocet. This to hold me over through the weekend until surgery on Tues. It will basically be a root canal because a few years ago the crown was done wrong. Dr. hopes to be able to save both teeth on each side of this tooth too. The Xray was really awful no wonder I hurt!

I hurt from the tip of my chin to behind my ear. Swallowing and moving in anyway just sends me through the roof! The Percocet that is suppose to be stronger than the vicprophin also does not cut the pain.

Because I have been on Fosamax for bone density loss after the chemo. I chance the loss of the bone and the teeth on each side of this tooth. Also I pray my body wont reject what they use to” fill the tooth" with. I was told it happens. Well now that scares me because that is what my body does best. Me and my bodies antibodies thinking parts of me are foreign objects. Like a kidney transplant and you reject the kidney, my own thyroid is one of the things I already deal with for example.

All this because when about three years ago that dentist didn’t put the crown on straight or down low enough to keep stuff from getting up under and in there. Thanks this was great timing with no dental now too.

– hope I make since remember I am on drugs –


roridgeway said...

I am always praying for you and I know you will handle with grace anything that comes with this surgery.

Love you

peapodsquadmom said...

oh no! hope the new meds do the trick for you. feel better soon!


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