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I am a princess because I am a child of the Risen King! My background is Baptist, but believe I have a relationship not a religion. I married my childhood sweetheart and together we have raised two wonderful children and got them married off. I love everything about being a wife and mother. Now guess what? I am going to be a GRANDMA!! We are so excited for this next step in our lives.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day... Plus

On Mon. Memorial Day, because of the rain we decided not to spend $20.00 each for Abbey Road and wait for next year. Turns out the rain did hold off. Other than a sprinkle and we may have been ok. Instead Trent and I went to The Falls of the Ohio. It was really nice we walked a little bit of the trails. And went out on the rocks by the water looking for fossils but had no idea what we were looking at. We had more fun sitting up under the trees leaning on the rocks watching and listening to others who thought they were looking at a creature 3 million years old who knows maybe they were. But when a 5 yr. old keeps yelling here’s one!, here’s one! I wonder. ..

We did see a few fossils but we don’t know what we were looking at. One man was real nice to point some things to us like the coral that was the easy to find.

I was trying to be stealthy and sneak photos of these guys. I hope they weren't actually planning on eating any of the fish. I wouldn't want to eat anything that came out of the Ohio River

The trees were quite amazing. Those who know me well know I love trees and am weird that way. I just love a beautiful tree. Well these poor old trees were very determined to grow! Just look at those roots!!

Tues. night we had Kevin and Lauren over for dinner. MissaAnn has church group on Tues. so missed having her. Usually I make from scratch especially desserts but I bought Toll House Brownies with Peanut Butter in the middle. GO BUY SOME RIGHT NOW!! You can read the rest while you eat the brownies. I’ll wait......................……..tola loo………….. Arn’t they AMAZING?!?!?!!!!!

Today is my day to go to the Marriot and swim. Trent usually goes with me and reads. It’s a relaxing place too. It feels and looks very much like being on a cruise ship. That’s it for now…………

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