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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Latest News

Last night we went to a viewing of a very dear man who passed away Tues. This was the father of a friend of ours. I had fallen in love with this sweet sweet man the first time I saw him and told Trent I was adopting him. When I found out he was Rozy’s Dad I laughed and told her I had claimed him for myself. She was kind enough to share. He fell ill and it was hard to watch as he had Pulmonary fibrosis the same disease that took Trent’s dad from us. This is a very, well it’s just awful there are no words.

Today was the service I had to go to Physical therapy but I did go to the church to serve the meal. The family was doing well, and eat well. It was a cold day the high was only 61 and there was light rain off and on. I was sorry for it have been so yucky for them.

This week end should be nice and sunny and in the mid to high 80’s. We are going to have a pool and BBQ party to go to this sounds great I am looking forward to this!

Kevin is working on a few investment projects and is working on finishing up another one of our houses. He is also fixing the floor in a house that the renters just moved out of and we have new renters moving in this weekend.

Melissa is ALWAYS busy. We almost never see her. She works hard and has made great friends. She has a birthday party to go to this weekend.

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