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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Celiac

I was watching Fox News Channel where Elisabeth Hasselbeck was discussing the release of her book The G-Free Diet. I listened in awe as she listed her symptoms; each one I had struggled with for as long as I could remember. When the show was over I wondered if this was the answer no doctor or specialist had been able to give me. I spent the next couple of weeks surfing the interest searching for more answers.

I was a mess of mixed feelings and couldn’t imagine a life never eating the long list of foods with gluten again but at the same time excited by the mere idea that it could be true, I could be physically pain-free.
My symptoms had been interfering with every aspect of my life. To say I was fatigued would be an understatement. I could nap for 2 or 3 hours during the day and still be exhausted. I never had a sharp focus, my thoughts were always cloudy, and my short-term memory was shot. I could have a phone call and not be able to repeat the information I just received. I have joint pain and muscle pain through out my whole body, but, the hyper sensitive nerve pain especially in my lower back and legs has been unbearable! I had headaches everyday.

And that doesn’t even cover what was going on with my stomach! I was constantly bloated. I had to know where the closest one was at all times. It got to the point just gave up eating. If I had an appointment I couldn’t eat before, and if I was not sure what was going on the rest of the day I couldn’t chance it. I had a couple of times I made the horrible mistake of eating in the car after I went to an appointment on my way home. I was so hungry, it was 2:00pm and I had not eaten all day. I drove through Wendy’s and couldn’t make it to a bathroom. Many times I couldn’t make it through a meal before I had to excuse myself.
Now after eating gluten free for a few weeks now I am able to walk better and lift my arms, I don’t run people over charging for the bathroom and my mind is much more focused. I am so glad to have found what has been slowly killing me all these years. The Dr. says it will take at least a year for my body to heal. That any form of gluten on my food is like sprinkling rat poison on my food! So, I am being as careful as I can to not cross contaminate, however, all the pain and suffering is enough to keep me from it.

Finally we know…it only took 23 years to figure it out!

This is a very good book for anyone looking to find out more about Celiac Disease

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Carol said...

Wow, Emma was diagnosed sometime after her first birthday. She will be 20 next month. Sounds like we should have talked and saved you a few years of anguish.


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