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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom A walk down Memory Lane

I  took these this morning on my home from an appointment near the Ft. Knox area.
I know you remember living in Amish country, I wonder about these cute funny face little dolls! I remember playing with them all the time in Grandma's play house in her back yard.

I just love these - Vintage birthday candle holders! they have a small hole in the top to hold a candle.

 Aren't they sweet?

They each have a little hole in the top to hold a small birthday candle!

Funny the things that will make you SMILE!  : )

Typewriters!! wow before the good old DELETE KEY !!! 

I must admit I LOVE getting the good old "vintage style" mail too! But I am so glad people are able to stay connected more by the computers we have today.  Like this post birthday card!!

I had three mixing bowls that matches this that were G- Grandma's too that I lost in the fire. I still have this. I just love this pattern. I also remember the "plum pattern" with the branches and thought it was fantastic!! What I always thought was funny was how you got mad over the set of dishes that Grandma gave you because the glasses were square. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DRINK FROM A SQUARE GLASS!?!!! Too funny! They were pretty but very odd to drink from the corner.


This is a scary monster!!! I remember like yesterday it eating my arm all the way to my shoulder!! I just wanted to feel how smooth the two rollers were going together looked cool..... Can't believe nothing was broken, and don't even remember bruising!

Oh the things you could sew. I can see you still sitting in front of the window looking out toward Carl and Diane's yelling " I've sewn my fingers together!!" I was so scared. I ran in there to find you laughing and that you had stitched you pretty long nails all in a row. What a hoot!

 These dishes were great! Everyone had even the kids!! LOL So how did anyone know which one to take home at the end of a pot luck dinner?  I remember seeing brown tape on some dishes.  I still love these and wish I could find a whole set or two!! I have to say these dishes right here are part of my I can't wait to grow up and have my own kitchen wishes.

 I will never forget the day we got our VCR WITH A REMOTE!!! if you look close like ours this one is not wireless. LOL What a day we were living in...... Cable TV and a way to watch things and we didn't have to be there when the came on! I still remember the day Ch. 26 came on.  You have come a long way Baby!!!

A new Centry and what a time you are living in!!!


A time where you can keep up with your friends and make new too with just a click of a key! And even though we now live miles away we are wble to stay in touch and be closer than ever.

So HAPPY BIRTDAY to the birthday girl! I love you.

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!
How fun taking all of us down Memory Lane with you.
I've never seen true Amish Country - just driven through little bits and pieces. I hope to see a buggy covered in snow just like that one day.
My grandma had the same washer. It was truly a scary thing! But BOY! Do I wish I had it now!
Welcome to the Sorority! I am so glad you joined in!
It is n for a BIG change in a day or two but all will be just fine! Check back.
HAGD! Karen ~ Some days are diamonds


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