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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I even took the time to put on a hat

I’ve had a sick family this week and the past two days were my turn. Ug. I needed to get to the store to buy some coke and something bland to eat so we could be nourished but keep it in at the same time. Here’s my beef…. It took me all day to finally get dressed and wash my face. I even took the time to put on a hat. I get to the store and I am quickly reminded of the times we live in. There are people there in P.J.’s slippers and hair far worse than mine! Even those who got dressed looked like they only took a break from cleaning out the barn, painting the house, or washing the dog. I didn’t want any of the food they were walking by. Ewww, don’t touch those apples!!! I know I know wash them when I get home and I do, but really I often find myself wishing for the days when people actually took pride in their appearance, yet here I was not even close to participating myself as I was in blue jean and sweat shirt with a ball cap. But at least I appeared clean. Some didn’t. What happened to dressing to go to the shows too? I mean like the nice Broadway type stuff. Like when you take the family to see the Nutcracker. I am always taken back when I dress up to go to an opera or show and see people in jean or the rare pair of shorts! Even the work place has gone from having casual Friday to casual. So what’s wrong with taken pride in how we look? Wanting to look and feel our best.

But we we go out and see things like this......

Have a great weekend everyone!

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