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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a Process with a learning curve

The process of becoming Gluten Free can take a while. Often, we learn about the no-no foods first: wheat, barely, rye, spelt, etc. That’s do-able, right? It sucks, it’s hard. Sometimes people don’t even thing about flour being wheat. Unless it’s “wheat bread,” sometimes it doesn't register for people. Please don’t offer me oatmeal or cookies or even pizza!

But for some Celiacs once you have mastered the food list and still are not feeling well have you thought about, hair care, make up, and lotions? It can be in our makeup and is especially dangerous for celiacs and the gluten-intolerant in lipsticks because we end up ingesting our lipstick. It’s also in our hair care and our lotion, especially conditioner.

A quick list to try:
Desert Organics line: is fantastic and a great cost. This is our body wash and my kids shampoo.
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare: I love the face wash. They are very herbal.

California Baby: Great stuff for kiddos and very gentle. I’ll need to try some other products on myself, but this will help you get started.

Surface Hair: a professional line that you can try to request from a salon or purchase.

ZuZu Cosmetics and Gabriel Cosmetics: I use the blush. A caution with the lip products- they contain wheat germ. I’ve spoken with the company and it claims that wheat germ can be extracted without gluten. However, if you’re allergic to wheat, you won’t want to use the lip products.

Afterglow Cosmetics; Mineral makeup

Larenim Mineral makeup. I purchased some eyeshadow today. Stay tuned for more info….I have not had the chance to sample them much yet. But they don’t contain Gluten.

Most important though is to be sure your prescriptions and OTC medicines are all GF. I was wondering why I was still going crazy with migraines when I know I was being “good”. It turned out on the thyroid meds were not GF.

Dinner tonight is chicken and dumplings from the GF Bisquick box. Oh Yum love dumplings! Hate that this box is less than half the size of the original and more than twice the price. I wrote the BettyCrocker Company about that and hope others will too.

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