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Thursday, June 18, 2009

we have been watching Lonesome Dove as we are good Texans! This is a great mini series. Highly recomended.

We have had the worst storms around here. Things were getting hit all morning. Sirens. Contsant thunder with windows raaaattttlllleeee. Uncle Larry Twitterd me to blame the comming heat. He said He wished I would keep the heat down there. LoL I said No we live almost next to him now! we're getting these storms.

We gave up and turned on the A/C last night it got up to 85 with rain.


Sam said...

Up to 85?! We have had a record hot summer down here. We tied the record set in 1902 for most consecutive days in June with temps reaching 100 or more (7 days). We set a record high nearly all those days. We also have now had the hottest June on record with the avg temp this month being nearly 86.

Wanda said...

We do love the summer weather here. This week we just have the attic fan running. Something I have never seen before. the weather says

high of 76` Feels like 75`

lol I ♥ that


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