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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Texas Independence day

A legal holiday in Texas, March 2 commemorates both the convention at Washington-on-the-Brazos held on this day in 1836, when delegates prepared for the separation of Texas from Mexico, and the birthday of Sam Houston (1793-1863), who led the Texans to victory over the Mexicans in the battle of San Jacinto.

Texas is the only state to celebrate independence from a country other than England.

March 2 is also known as Sam Houston Day and Texas Flag Day This period in Texas history, beginning with the Washington-on-the-Brazos convention and ending with Sam Houston's decisive victory at San Jacinto, is celebrated each year during "Texas Week."

 The Texas State Bird is the Mocking bird. Isn't he standing proud like he knows today I am talking about his home state.

The state flower is this amazing Bluebonnet. Ine the Spring the pop up all over and are just amazing! While driving along freeways you can look out and sometimes wonder... is that a lake or Bluebonnets!?
The Pecan Tree is the State tree Mmm all the treat you can make with pecan's like Pecan Pie!!

Of course I couldn't let you go without showing you the capital. "Everything is BIGGER in Texas" well yup, the Texas Capitol is still the largest Capitol in the nation. It is even taller than the National Capitol thanks to the Goddess of Liberty who sits on top of the dome. Goddess? Well, let's just say she looks better from a distance than up close. The Texas State Capitol was ranked ninety-second in the "America's Favorite Architecture" poll commissioned by the American Institute of Architects, that ranked the top hundred-and-fifty favorite architectural projects in America as of 2007. In a 2008 poll by the AIA, it was also ranked the number-one state capitol.

I could go on and on and post hundreds of pictures of the inside of the Capital building I strongly encourage a trip there if you ever get a chance. It just gorgeous! 

My family is going to Celebrate today with some wonderful BBQ for lunch and  Fajita's at Chuy'sfor dinner!! I just might have a margarita or two!


Tracy F. said...

I've always enjoyed my visits to Texas. Those Texas bluebonnets are just breath-taking! Maybe you'll join the Outdoor Wednesday party next week. I know everybody would love to see those gorgeous blue flowers. Thank you for commenting on my posts.

Bee Lady said...

Hey there - thank you for the education on Texas. And happy Sam Houston Day! Love the bluebonnets. I bought some flowers today at the grocery store because I NEED FLOWERS!!!!

Cindy Bee

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Hi Wanda! I’m thrilled to see the old fashion ads you have sprinkled in your blog! I remember cook books that had that kind of artwork from when I was a wee tadpole! You have a wonderful blog and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

Judie said...

Now this was a very creative post!!!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Well Texas Gal you! Great history and photos to match! You are so right..our capital is beautiful and so worth several trips to Austin. I'm looking forward to the Bluebonnets again this year...hope we have had enough rain for them cover the Hill Country! Great post, Wanda!


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