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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thinking outside the box?

My mother lives in New Braunfels Texas and she sent me an email with adorable place. I just had to use it for Outdoor Wednesday!

Look at this shot into the quaint living room nice and cozy. I love the wood wall behind the sofa! 
WHY is this Outdoor Wednesday? -- keep looking

 Now here is the kitchen I would prefer a full size refrigerator on that wall, a full stove and microwave where the table and chairs are on the wall by the stairs leading up to the second floor. We could work out eating in the living room.

Still not outside -- I know keep looking your just not going to believe it!

Wonderful warm bedroom  snuggle in and read a book!  
Ok, There's a window that goes outside! no, of course that is not what I am leading to for being outside for Outdoor Wedensday! keep going it's Amazing!

This place seems very modern, perhaps like something you'd see in a swanky high rise condo or town house.  

So why is this little place a great post for Outdoor Wednesday if all I have shown you was indoor photo's?


 This 1 bedroom loft apartment from the OUTSIDE......

was built inside a 1940's grain bin.

It was renovated into this upscale unit after it was purchased and relocated to the grounds of the Gruene Homestead Inn  New Braunfels ,TX

If that's not creative craftsmanship, then I don't know what is!
I couldn't help but share this because it is so cool! So there it's sits      OUTDOORS   ~wink wink~

Now would you have thought to do that with the old silos on the farm.

I am linking to Outdoor Wednesday Hop over and see other beautiful post about the great outdoors


Wanderer said...

Oh, no! I can't see the pictures!

I'm Just a Southern Girl said...

That is just incredible! I love using old things for new purposes instead of junking it!
Thanks for visiting my blog, Fay Jones was a very talented architect and the University of Arkanas was so priviledged to have him here for so many years!

icalltheshot said...

I'm smitten! This was worthy of all outdoor posts. I was thinking, while enjoying all the shots that every thing creative and put into that amazing place was from outdoors.

I love the imagination put to work in that lovely place. Thanks for sharing.

Blessings - Debbie

Wanderer said...

That is one awesome interior for a silo!!! Thanks for sharing!

Joani said...

That is so cool. People R beginning to live with a little less room and with a little less stuff. Thanks for stopping by mysouthwestramblings. I was raised an a cow/horse ranch in western Arizona. Lucky U to be living in Louisville, KY. I would luv to visit there sometime. Have a great day.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh that was great. I never would have guessed that in a million years.


bikim said...

so pretty!
gorgeous photos!
happy night, :)

Ann said...

This is incredible. I watch on TV people converting barns, this is a first.

Thanks for visiting.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Wow! You are so right! I enjoyed seeing this amazing transformation! Of course you and I are use to seeing amazing things that Texas Ingenuity comes up with!

My sister lives in New Braunfels! I go there pretty often...not so much in the last few months with the price of gas! It's a neat town with all the old Victorian homes and the Guadalupe River!

Your Bloggy looks great. Like your Header and background. You mentioned mine the other day...I use my own photographs through out my blog posts and in the headers...which I change you noticed. I do alot of designing in Paint.

I'm enjoying your blog! Thanks for visiting mine so often. I appreciate it!

jeanne said...

I adore your outdoor post. this is so innovative it is hard to believe. Just the most charming redo ever. Thank you for sharing today. Or, I mean yesterday.
It is late so I am going to say goodnight. It was a pleasure visiting you today.
Hugs, Jeanne

Bee Lady said...

I've heard of this before, but I've never seen it. Unbelievable...and so cute!

Cindy Bee

Diann said...

Now that is totally cool! Amazing.

Jenny said...

I love this! Totally and completely. I really want to have one of these built. I am in love! Wow!


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