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Monday, March 7, 2011

Who's Porch Was This?

Have you ever gone by an old porch and wondered, who's porch was that? 

 Who lived there? 

How many watermelon fest have been eaten on that porch on a hot summer afternoon?

Many times in years past the front porches were the place to take the Family Photo's

 I remember when having coke in the refrigerator was not the every day norm like it is today. It was a mighty treat! We would sit on the swing on Grandma's porch and drink from the little coke bottles.

I always wonder why were they allowed to get into such bad shape? I'm just sure the lady pf the house would roll over if she knew what her house had become.

Big or small it seems all home have seem their days come and go. Family have grown up children have laughed, cried, run through the house with something mother said not to.

But thing always remains the same when I seen them... Who use to live there? What did they do?

What would be your question? 

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Gypsy Brocante said...

I get it! The wonderful old porches that hold memories for someone ... where are they now? ... and why isn't anyone there? ... I really don't understand how some homes can just be forgotten and abandoned ... I understand if a family can't care for a home any longer, but why let it go to ruin? ... I could go on and on ...


bikim said...

lovely post !!!!!!!!!!!
Happy week,

Bee Lady said...

This post made me a little melancholy. I love porches and old homes, but hate to see them in ruin and abandoned. If only those walls could talk.

Cindy Bee

Caleen said...

I love this post. I love old porches too and remember lots of sittin and talking and laughing.. A great place of gathering. I have a wee little porch and not much room to put a chair. lol.. I do miss those times :)

ShantyGirl said...

Wanda I love your porch pictures and yes I too remember when a coke was a big treat! And sitting on my grannies porch, I missed the porch party this week......
Thanks for posting these pictures they brought back good memories!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Porches are so wonderful! My grandma, aunt and we each had a porch. There are so many fun memories there. Those were the times that you didn't know as a kid would be gone someday...I'm glad that I really enjoyed those days on those special front porches.

By the Bluegrass said...

I always wonder this same thing when I see an old neglected house. If only walls could talk! Great pictures.


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