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Monday, March 14, 2011

Rain drops from the porch tops

I was trying to get some yard work done. The yard hasn’t been touched since fall and there were a lot of leaves that had been left behind. I had a fight with a rose bush as I was cutting it back. Let say it won the battle against my hands and arms but I won the war! I guest that is a true War of the Roses right there.  I am hoping I get the Hydrangeas to come back to the height and blooms we had last year too. We have a beautiful yard that stays blooming all summer long something new is always blooming!  This is why a lovely porch or deck is such a wonderful treat to have. Right now we have rain coming down off the edges of the porch. 


April showers bring May Flowers.....and we are finally finding blooms and are they pretty!!

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Jenny said...

Oh, I love hydrangeas. I miss those glorious blooms. Sometimes you can buy them at the florist but they are crazy expensive but I am always tempted! That rain looks wonderful.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love your porch and that view down the road is so cool. Our hydrangeas were very prolific last summer too. I hope it happens again this summer because sometimes it doesn't. :)

Gypsy Brocante said...

Hello ... sorry, I'm a little late to my own party ~ shame on me!

Your hanging baskets are GORGEOUS!! ... really makes me want to get outside and start to 'petty-up' the back porch! ... I even like how yours look on a rainy day ... you even captured the raindrops ... perfect!

Thanks for sharing ... hope to see you back at the beginning of the month!


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