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I am a princess because I am a child of the Risen King! My background is Baptist, but believe I have a relationship not a religion. I married my childhood sweetheart and together we have raised two wonderful children and got them married off. I love everything about being a wife and mother. Now guess what? I am going to be a GRANDMA!! We are so excited for this next step in our lives.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow Much needed * A day at the beach

 I really need a day like this.  Who wouldn't want to be at the beach in Hawaii right? Well for me Spring is taking it's time and we are still very cold and having a lot of rain. Tomorrow we are expecting snow!!

So for right now I am taking it easy on this beautiful island. Maybe take a hike to the waterfalls and swim in the fresh cool water while the warm sun kisses my skin.

Head back to the beach and do some really rad moves on the long board! Yes, that's just what I can do 
                                                                   ah - haaaa

Yeah, sure and I want to look like this when I go out there too!!

How wonderful it would be to see some of the incredible sea life too! Now doesn't this poor guy just look like he is saying, " Come on guys leave me alone-just leave meeee aloone!"

 Ok back up to dry land to see amazing flowers

....... Now grab a nice drink and maybe a snack and find your seat

Because now it time to watch the sunset and say goodbye to our dream day in  Hawaii. Time to return to the reality of the cold real world. I shall return, I hope next time it will be by plane!

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

I feel ya! I could also really benefit from a day filled with sunshine and bright colors. *sigh* thanks for taking me there virtually!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Very pretty. I needed that lift before I head on out to face my snow covered world and another work day. ;-)

Thanks so much for the visit and have a blessed day. I am also a princess.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Oh need to come back to Texas. Padre isn't Hawaii, but it is a 'Beach' and it is Sunny....not Snowy!

In the meantime....STAY WARM!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hope you are having some warmer weather soon. Both our girls went to UofL as undergrads and were UofL homecoming queens a few years apart...loved Louisville! Our younger daughter also was a Derby princess :o) They both had a hard decision whether to stay there for dental school or accept UK's dental school...they decided on UK, partly with the thought of not being as distracted with all there college friends and focusing on their studies, etc... our youngest one-son-is an undergrad at UK. So, it is pretty interesting when it comes to UofL vs UK games! :o)

How exciting to be expecting your first grandbaby!!! The Cathedral Windows quilt is truly easy, just time extensive in the ironing and prepping. (Again, I think since it does need any batting or backing material, it is so nice that it will be ready to use once I get all the little printed squares sewn in.

Yay! I have to add... for some reason, previously when I tried to come by to say thank you for coming by and commenting...I was not able to cuz the msg said Profile not Available.

Thank you for stopping by!
Blessings & Aloha!

Donnie said...

Glad you had the room to take me with you. I feel wonderful now after our trip. That was a really cute post.

Bee Lady said...

Oh jeez, now I have jetlag! I need a nap! Too many hours on the plane getting home...and the five hour time change....

Cindy Bee

criticalcrass said...

howdy. you commented on a picky post a couple of weeks ago, and i’m just now getting around to acknowledging it. i’m not usually this bad about that. sorry.

thanks for reading picky and leaving it some love. :]

The Garden Bell said...

You are singing to the choir, girlfriend. I don't think it will ever get here. Another cold and rainy day. But, I will not complain at all after seeing that video this morning. Not one little tiny-eny- bit.

Thanks for bring me some sun today.

T.G.B... oxoxoxo

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Oh no...OK I won't tell you what our weather in CA was like today .

Thanks for the tip on Ikea shipping!


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