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I am a princess because I am a child of the Risen King! My background is Baptist, but believe I have a relationship not a religion. I married my childhood sweetheart and together we have raised two wonderful children and got them married off. I love everything about being a wife and mother. Now guess what? I am going to be a GRANDMA!! We are so excited for this next step in our lives.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lunch with Women of Faith

I had a great time today with friends at a luncheon held at the beautiful Hurstbourne Country Club. The Women of Faith group meet once a month have lunch and a speaker. It was nice to be in a room filled with women who were excited to be on their lunch break from work and able to pray and praise our Lord! I had chicken with a mango salsa (that was real yummy) rice and green beans with almond slices. For dessert Banana Pudding well as we Metcalf’s know as what the rest of the world thinks is Banana pudding. I came home and took a 3 hr, nap woke up just as Trent was cutting the Digiorno Pizza.

Trent seemed to have a very quite and uneventful day.

Kevin was over yesterday and we discussed who had the best $1.00 menu’s at the fast food places. But, then it ended with Kevin’s choice being he loves the BIG burger at Hardee’s. Silly me I hear Hardee’s I think chicken. We all agreed White Castle is pretty much what it’s like when you throw up in your mouth and don’t know what to do. Yuck!! Really. I took a bite and didn’t know what to do with it it was awful I couldn’t swallow.

Haven’t seen Missa in a few days but she called me last night for my Avon order so she’s still kickin it out there.


Anonymous said...

Gew it says post a comment, does that mean I also ask a question??????????????
Where is Missa? and what is she doing,
besides Avon. She ought to have a website where folks like me could order from here.

Sounds like you'll are having a good time-----
Love MOM

Wanda said...

Sure you can ask or comment I'll change the wording on that!!

Missa is still working at the Gardner School from 7:30 am Then she leaves there taking the little boy to his home where she does her Nanny job until 7 - 8:00 pm

Good idea about a web page I thought about mailing books down there.... we will get something worked out with in 1 - 2 weeks.


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