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Friday, July 31, 2009

Riding in Elevators with Strangers

I've been riding the elevator so much here at the hospital that I haven't been able to help but giggle again about elevator behavior. Elevator behavior fascinates me.

Well, not the behavior of elevators themselves. That I don't find fascinating at all, as I'm about as mechanically inclined as a hedgehog.

Animals which are not the least bit mechanically inclined. Or so I've been told. Or at least I doubt they are. I can't really say for sure. But I bet they're totally not.


What I actually find fascinating is the behavior of people riding in elevators together with strangers. And, since I seem to have vampires wanting my blood constantly, I have had plenty of time to study the elevator behavior of others and of myself.

Just watch for it the next time you ride one. It's true back home in Texas as it is here in Kentucky or other places I have traveled.

There are unspoken rules that must be followed when riding in an elevator with a stranger, it seems. However, in my observation, those rules are not in effect until inside the elevator. Outside the elevator, the rules don't apply. Life carries on as normal, someone pushes the up or the down button, people make small talk, sip their coffee, smile at each other and exchange pleasantries while waiting for the elevator to open.

But once the elevator doors slide open, the rules for proper elevator behavior go instantly into effect. It's an unexplained social phenomenon, but it happens every time. In fact, you can almost feel the weight of the unspoken rules as you step over the threshold, being careful not to look down that little slit between the floor and the elevator for fear of triggering your acrophobia.

Or maybe that last part is just me.

Anyway, once inside the elevator, these unspoken social rules begin to apply. All strangers riding in elevators together abide by these rules each and every time they ride or so it has seemed in my observation. I am not sure who came up these rules in the first place, or how it is that everyone knows them and abides by them so well. But someone did, and people do. I tell you, it's an unexplained social phenomenon. I'm not here to explain it, only to impart my observations about it.

In my estimation, the rules for elevator behavior when riding with a stranger are as follows:

1. Upon entering the elevator, stand as far away from the stranger as possible. If they are front left, press your body into the back right. Or vice versa. This gets complicated when there are multiple strangers in the elevator, but you'll figure it out.

2. Don't breathe while in the elevator. If you must breathe, do so very quietly so the other person can't tell you are actually breathing.

3. Keep the space in the elevator as quiet as possible. Try not to make noises with your feet or your mouth. Under no circumstances should you speak to the stranger in the elevator.

The only exception is if floor direction is needed. A two-word allotment is given in those cases. For example, "What floor?" and "Eight, please." are allowed, but avoid eye contact.

Note that even if you had just been conversing with a stranger before you stepped onto the elevator, cease and desist immediately once entering the lift and confirming your desired floor.

4. As if your life depended upon it, do not make any eye contact with the stranger on the elevator. Appropriate places for your eyes to land are: on your cell phone, on the floor, and either at or above the doors of the elevator.

5. Take some time to stare at the floor numbers as they light up in sequence. Silently will your floor's number to come as quickly as humanly possible.

6. Exit the elevator. Go about your merry way, feeling free to speak with others once you are out of the elevator.


roridgeway said...

Wanda I am here------------------------------- love you Mom

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roridgeway said...

ell am here again late this sat night, nope, it is sun morning.ow did your day go?

we went to Cracker Barrel for supper and waled around the big outlet mall in San Marcus, now I really don't mind riding thru places like that,lol

Nite nite love you Mom


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