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Friday, August 7, 2009

Remembering When...Our Vintage Days

The Water bed Yep I’m going to jump to the 1970’s and go with the water bed. Why and how did that come t my mind? Because I was washing the bed sheets and putting them back on. As I was trying to decide how many layers to put on for our covers my thoughts just wondered. An ADD moment.

I remember when my parents got a water bed. Once they brought it home and got the big wooden box set up and that huge plastic bag in place, it was time to fill it. They brought the garden hose in from the window and let flow. It took hours. By the time it was done it was past bedtime and the water was COLD and that made the bed COLD! This was a lot of water and in those days there weren't a lot of Fancy equipment like today to heat it in an hour. As I remember it it took days. They had every available blanket and sleeping bag we owned to place on that bed to keep the cold water from making them cold.

Ah but I do remember once that water was room temperature and all was normal and just bed sheet were needed, I loved to go nap on it. I would slowly push my leg give a gentle rock.

What are some memories you have today?

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Kelly said...

You and the things that happen to you. You have the best stories SMILEY


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