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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is social networking impersonal?

Critics often complain that we are becoming a society of recluses, hidden behind computer screens, fearful of human interaction. I absolutely disagree.

There’s no question that I spend a lot of time at the computer. I use Twitter, Facebook and Blogspot, currently updating two public blogs and one private blog. Do I fear human interaction? Oh, no. I love human interaction.

Social networks have allowed me to make new friends, some of who I’ve never met face to face but who seem just as close as some I have known for years. Social networks have allowed me to keep up with what friends and family members.

When we send an e-mails or up dates to all of our friends and family members, we know exactly what we are thinking! we write the same way we talk.

When I express a need I immediately get repose of well wishers and people lifting me up in prayer. I do love that we can get a quick response, but I do love the good old fashion mail too. I love to send a card that is more personal that shows you took the time and effort. But when there is a need there is no better way to get the news out there quickly! And for this reason I blog, I have a lot of family that we have moved a long distance from. So there are no trips to the post office, no worrying about calling someone who may be sleeping or busy. Everyone can read at their own convenience.

So let the critics and the so called experts say it not good for us. But, If I of all the “I don’t like change I’m too old fashion” people can find a good purpose for it, I think we all can.


roridgeway said...

I agree with you and then they are lots of folks like me that do not get out and go like we would want to and this gives us a big wide wonderful world to be in.

Love you

Theresa said...

I am so glad that you are into social media....If you weren't we would never have found each other.

I believe that we can create a community of friends without meeting online. I also have created a community of friends that I have met.

I love meeting my sisters in Christ anywhere I can....Online, at the Coffee Shop, Church, etc.

Love Ya and you are just the cutest thing ever!!!


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