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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Kitchen Stuff

We had the refrigerator delivered Monday. Seems we will be very happy with it. It has a button for fast cool and boy did it! That was nice for changing the food over. We already love the idea of not bending over to see what is inside, everything is at eye level. Since we both drink water all day I’m thrilled to have it in the door again. Speaking of door it has an alarm to let you know when the door was left open. Nice feature, but it doesn’t understand I am reloading and this may take awhile. It also has a temp alarm in case it ever starts to not hold the preset temp. It has so much and we are thrilled with it here is a link to a picture and to read all about it if want to know more.


It going to take a job to get this installed. We didn’t have an over the range microwave so this has to be built in. This thing can do it all. Turns out even turn into a convection oven guess we could have just bout this and added more cabinets and left out the oven! Again link for a picture and to read all the magic tricks it can do.


I can’t wait to get going on this baby! We need family and friends over soon!! It isn’t visible in the picture although I think you can tell a bit but there is a center burner that is oblong. So I can use a grill on it!


Today we have the Tile people coming over to measure our kitchen and laundry room and help us decide what to do for backsplash and counter. The carpet guy is also coming. But we only have one room that needs carpet so that is really good news. The rest of the house had new when we moved in. Wow make you wonder what it must have looked like when you see what they left.

Here is a BEFORE of the kitchen – not our stuff in it. I took this picture during our walk through with the inspector


Lafoon said...


This is great stuff! When you are done with your house please come do mine : )

Tonya said...

You lucky girl!!

roridgeway said...

Well look at the improvements, it sounds so useful and everything you could want. I am so glad for you

Glad we found that chat, that will be handy as ice water, lol


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