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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Jesus Enough?

I sometimes sing praise & worship songs or hymns and think about the beautiful relationship these people who right these songs must have with God. I was listening to music and picking songs to put onto the play list for this Blog page yesterday. Then later in the afternoon I caught myself, more like God said “REALLY?” I was singing “Your all I ever needed, Jesus… Your all I ever wanted, You are my desire, No one else will do.
In the middle of everything that is going on around us right now and I find myself ‘worrying’, what will we do, lay offs, medical situations, My dear Kevin traveling to Spain for a month, what if something happens to him? We just had an awful flood. So much was lost, from lives, to homes, even the mail. Yes the blue boxes where you put your bills in and expect the lights to stay on, those too. Thankfully the flood did not cause any harm to our part of town, but in the middle of all this is Jesus enough? Could I loose everything else and still sing praise songs? Is Jesus REALLY all I ever need?
I don’t know what’s ahead, but I know in the past when sitting face to face with a doctor more than a couple of times, and he says my chances are slim. I was very much at peace. I had no doubts or fears about dieing. But, what if instead of ‘loosing my life’, I lost all my possessions, family and friends? Can I say YES completely? I would love to, but so far I have fallen into “pity party” mode too often.
This is my desire, to trust and believe better. That alone is a problem for me. How do I not trust and believe Him completely? Do I

How could I not say YES “Jesus you are all I ever need you are all I ever want”. Until I trust and believe better, and with my whole heart want Him then I can’t even really sing “You are my desire, No one else will do”
Proverbs 31
This is why one of my favorite portraits of a Godly woman.
"she can laugh at the days to come," (Proverbs 31:25).
She was to be praised because she so reverenced God that she knew without a doubt, He was enough.


roridgeway said...

That was beautifully written and hope a lot of folks see this and that it will help al of us who do read it.

Anonymous said...

We are so blessed that you love to write in a journal style from you time with the Lord!


Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Looking forward to your next post


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