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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

State Fair Day

I had the most wonderful day yesterday with my wonderful daughter-in-law and her Mom. We started out our day at a place called Wild Eggs. It’s an AMAZING place they are so popular here and for good reason. Who knew a place known for serving eggs could be one of the best places to eat in town! Much of there stuff is bought at the weekly Farmers Market right in there own parking lot every Saturday. Can you say Fresh!!
We do get good veggies here. The locally grown stuff is brilliant.

Everything is so good here we each made an order and ate ff each others plates Here is the menu

Today is our day to go to the fair and the concert. We are really looking forward to the concert tonight at 8PM.

Before then we the Pork Chop Revue is always a good one they really are fun, but should I enjoy watching them and how cute they are, knowing they are possibly going to be on my grocer counter in the near future? You know really, they are Sponsored by the Kentucky Pork Producers.

We will sit in on the World Champion Lumberjills and see what those girls are made of.

Can’t wait to see the Cast-Iron Chef Competition. Louisville is known for it’s restuants. We have well known places and chefs here. Wolfgang Puck and Emeril are just two who have places here. (no I’m sure they are not in this thing)

Now here is a real funny thing we went last year and we were SHOCKED shocked I tell you!! Look at this list, 4-H exhibits, FFA exhibits, Bees & Honey, Country Ham,
Dairy Products, Egg Show, Field Seed & Grain, Fruits & Nuts, Tobacco, Vegetables & Melons. Did you see Tobacco? KIDS GROW TABACCO FOR SCHOOL PROJECTS!??! My sister did cute bunnies, some have cows, Kentucky allows minors.. well you get the picture. It’s all in a room hanging in long strips kinda cool to look at. Then there is a table at the door with pamphlets warning of the dangers of smoking. The other funny thing and I’ll have to put up a picture or two is the Nuts. Plates and plates of nuts and seeds. One looks JUST like the next! How can you tell them apart? Are you kidding me? You can tell me this seed should get the Blue ribbon over that one!!?

Oh but yes Theresa I will look at the quilts, the cake decorating and of course the traditional ugly lamp contest. Then there is all the horse shows, riding and jumping, well what would be a Louisville show of sorts with out them – right?

Link to today’s events,%20Aug%2026.pdf


Theresa said...

YAY!!! The quilts always deserve a look at. I am with you about the seed thing. God didn't bless me with seed discernment either. LOL

LumberJills...I wish I could watch them. I think every man should have to sit and watch what a woman can do with a chainsaw. LOL

So glad you are having fun my friend!!

roridgeway said...

I have waited all day to hear about your day, and it sounds wonderful, so glad for you and sounds like you were in good company.

I am about to get ready for bed, so you know it is late, lol

Love you


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