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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This isn't just a lil Thunderstom

My tip this week

For the stove top and oven. If you have something boil over on the stove? A sprinkle of salt will absorb the juice and stop the smoking. In the oven, sprinkle a handful of table salt over a “run over” . It will stop the burned smell until you are through baking and can wash it.

The news around here

Today’s big story has been the weather. Wow I woke up early this morning due to the thunder. It was constant and the whole house was shaking. It felt like and earthquake and we were going to end up sitting in the basement.
The local channels lost their feed so there were no shows to be seen. They just had to fill in. Well what do they love to do but talk about big weather news anyway right? And did they have things to report. Boats out saving people and horses, the free way being shut down due to 2 feet of water on it, cars actually floating down the roads, and really amazing manhole covers being blown up and floating in the street because of the pressure and so much water from the drain off.
These poor people on the news after a while trying to keep finding things to talk about. I usually get a bit upset when the break into a show, you know to tell you its still raining. Well since there were no shows and they were on for hours, I actually heard someone say “It’s raining over at Waterson Park by the Zoo.” Now I wasn’t giving my full attention so I don’t know exactly what prompted her to say this. But we have been in a state of “Flood Emergency” not “Flood Warnings” the weatherman said in 14 years of doing this he has never heard of using this. Boats are rescuing people and cars are floating away as far south as New Albany IN. and as far north to Cincinnati OH. Has flash flood warning, Yep, bet it’s raining at the Zoo too!

Our area here seems to be high and dry enough. I even made it out to Wal-Mart for some Milk, Bread and diet coke. shhh, diet coke is a no no so written very small shhh.

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roridgeway said...

Have another diet coke, I will never tell anyone, lol

Let's have a wonderful day today. Love you Mom


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