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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cold Fronts

Today is 30 degrees colder than it was yesterday. burrrr. I guess you just gotta love this time of year. Ha or do I. My body just doesn't know what to do. The pollen is out and am I cold or am I warm? Is it going to rain, snow or be near 80'F? What a crazy time of year Spring can be.

But oh yes, I can love all the pretty blooms. I was out driving yesterday and the bright light green of the new leaves where so pretty. There were trees with pink blooms, and white blooms.  Yards were looking so wonderful with flowers and Easter decorations on the front doors.

Our neighborhood all a buzz with people out walking again. We have a few who walk and jog no matter what the weather is. Like our sweet older next door couple. They are in their 70's and twice a day snow or sun they walk at least to the corner and back.

Today I am sharing these 3 sweet little vases. I'm joining "Three or More Tuesday" at

 Every season has it's own beauty, yes we can love this time of year too, it is just so pretty!


LV said...

I loved your verses and the flowers that went with them. It is much cooler here today as well. Not in the 30's tho. Since Easter is coming so late, we will continue to have cooler weather awhile.

Lori E said...

It is nice to have just one sprig in each vase so we can also see how pretty the glass is.

On Crooked Creek said...

Darling floral vases!!! Thanks for your sweet comments and visit today! Enjoy Spring while you too is gone far too quickly!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Texas Mother Nature has her bloomers all in a wad this week, too. Cold mornings and WINDY. Love your vases and sprigs...lovely rose!

I've been away and am blog hoppin' to catch up with everyone. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week....Sue

Martina said...

Love your little vases - flowers are so pretty and warm the heart on cold spring days! SUNNY GREETINGS ;)

Jenny said...

I love those vases...and the thought of your elderly neighbors walking to the corner and back. Charming, charming.


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