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Friday, February 11, 2011

I love pretty little things

Today I am joining Joyce and the ladies over at Friday Pretties. My Friday Pretty today? Well with grand babies on my mind....... making a baby nursery! Oh, have I found some pretty ones too!!

Just Look.......

 Oh can you imagine!?!!! This really would not be as expensive to do as it looks. Those cribs would be very easy to do, as would the trim and walls! I would find a way to get the canopy to work I actually have made one similar for my daughter. But, as beautiful as this is..... it's just not really the right style. A bit too fancy schmancy, but maybe with different fabrics.

 I this this crib alone would cost the price of a new car, so go on the one. But this is what fairy tales are made of.....

You almost miss the crib in this room. It looks oval, pretty cool! I really like most about this room is the idea of the ceiling. although I would rather paint realistic clouds a leave the pillows behind.
I love the iron bed and the cotton  canopy draping. Of course the walls are very pretty and royal looking, but a bit too much for me realistically.  But very Pretty Friday

FAVORITE GIRL ROOM : )  I wish this picture had been taken further out. I really would like to see more of this room. I love Love, LOVE the round cribs!! But this is a sweet room even with a regular crib in it. I can tell there is a chandelier up there!!

FAVORITE BOY ROOM : ) So simple, clean and fun! I LOVE THIS ROOM!!! Look at the light...... I'm guessing it's a light. The hot air balloon.  This room could so easily be a girls room with a pale pink crib and pink strip or check rug. Oh how easy this room would be to make!! But boy do I want that horse too!!

Well, hope you all enjoyed shopping ideas with me for a perfectly Pretty  baby nursery. Now, just gotta wait on these kids to get me a grand baby!! We hope the wait wont be too long and so do they. So we are all smiles as we wait on God for His wonderful blessings.


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

GORGEOUS Nurseries!!! It is so exciting to think about those future babies!
Thank you for joining me for Friday Pretties. These are Definitely PRETTY!!!
Have a wonderful Friday!

Gloria said...

We have another new grandbaby on the way. These nurseries are gorgeous, I will share them with my daughter...:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a thoughtful comment. Welcome to the blog world! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

XOXO Gloria

bridesmaid extraordinare said...

It's going to be so much fun to help plan the nursery.


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