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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day -- Cards

This is the week of February 14, 2011 Valentines Day. So I thought I would post some fun things about this lovely holiday!  

I thought I would start with Valentines Day Cards! Do you remember going to grade school and having the Valentines Day party? We would spend the first half of the day making our “Mail Box”. Everyone had to bring a shoe box to school and we took construction paper, scissors and glue and turn it into a master piece. Then we would go outside to play while the class moms would get the yummy goodies all set out at our desk! Inside we go to eat the treats!! Then it all comes back…… the horror, the terror from the night before….days before!! It was time to hand out the cards!

You see now a days, they say simple fun things on them, if they even say anything about being a “valentine”. But back in the day…. Boy were they mushy! Oh the fear that some boy would think you really liked him! Oh the time I would spend agonizing over which one I could actually give to who…..

A second look… aren’t they darling? Anyone ought to be so lucky to get a card like these.

What do you remember about valentines day as a child?

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Bridesmaid extraordinare said...

The Bambi one was always one of my favorites. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.


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