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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturdays Girl

Saturday... my totally off the wall girly day! I got my mani /pedi today, YAY!  a nice pale pink and I had the girl put a shimmering sparkle coat on top. If your kinda close your eye's it looks like a disco ball! The husband says it's my attempt at being 16 again, I don't care he didn't close his eyes!

The weather is a mix of sleet and snow turning to snow as the day goes, but, since it was sleet I decided I needed to come right home after my mani/pedi. However I did drive thru and get a Starbucks Ooooo ahhhhh!! I don't do that very often at all! But this was my pamper day after all.

So what else does a girl do when she wants to have a girls day? Why shop of course!! So online I have been since I needed to get home.  I have been looking at shoes and found some pretty funny and very lovely ones too.

how about these they crack me up =0)

      I thought these were pretty

 Then I started looking at swimsuits..... Why? Good question. I have never liked that game, much like a lot women. But, with many out there I guess the winter blues got me. I was watching the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb and they had a beach party theme Friday. They went all out. Cranked up the heat and put on swimsuits, had beach balls the whole nines.

 Well how about this one... yeah not really  my style but she is pushing a huge snowball!! 

I will leave you with this thought for today......

                                 click on picture to enlarge   

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Lori said...

I love the puppy shoes! Hope you enjoy your Girly Day! XOX


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