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I'm a displaced South/Central Texan living in Louisville Kentucky
I am a princess because I am a child of the Risen King! My background is Baptist, but believe I have a relationship not a religion. I married my childhood sweetheart and together we have raised two wonderful children and got them married off. I love everything about being a wife and mother. Now guess what? I am going to be a GRANDMA!! We are so excited for this next step in our lives.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saying it Simple

 Simple pictures to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  from me to you.



I had a busy week and didn't get to tend to the blog as I had wanted to this week. I hope you enjoyed what I posted this week all in honor of the day we set aside to show how much we really to care and do love one another.

And the greatest of these is LOVE  

What are you doing to show love today and on Valentines Day?


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Love, Love, Love...Love It!

Bridesmaid extraordinare said...



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