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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Martha Stewart aint no Aunt Bea!

Happy February where did January go? 

Welcome to my first Tuesday's Treasures  today I'm looking back at a TV icon as my treasure. Our sweet funny and lovable Aunt Bea!

Now a days so many women look at Martha Stewart for the lady to tell us how it’s all done.  I like to look back and at a sweet lady who I think Martha must have looked at and thought….. I going to box and label and sell this!! Our dear Aunt Bea .

This dear women had her hands full not only with her household but with the whole town and she wasn’t afraid to try and teach them a thing or two either! Like this little monologue about being at the dinner table.

 AUNT BEA: Napkins will go on the lap.
BRISCOE: I spill on my shirt, I don't spill on my pants.
AUNT BEA: Well, nice people don't spill at all.

A little more up front and to the point than Martha but people would listen, learn and DO!

Her pearls were gorgeous and her hair just right. Even after a long day of baking and shopping for her home. I think I will wear my pearls today in honor of her!

Aunt Bea won all the Blue Ribbons for her pies but just couldn’t figure out how to make a good pickle. Well good to know she was a real gal after all too. Right ladies?  

All the fella’s about town talked about her cookin’ and would mind their manners when Aunt Bea was around. Yes, this sweet lady had something special.  

Mayberry that’s the town for me! simpler times, where traditional values were cherished, and people respected and cared for one another.

Take time to watch a few of the re-runs. I know you will walk away feeling better about everything, with a good chuckle to boot!

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi again Wanda... I am so happy my Porch post with Aunt Bea and Andy inspired your to write this one, it is great!... I always say I was born way too late, I so long for those simpler, gentler times... and try to create that feeling in my home today... cute post!... xoxo Julie Marie


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