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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day = Simple 'Cheap' Still Romantic

With the economy everyone is stretching the dollar to the limit. I thought I would try to help with ideas for a nice Valentines Day without breaking the bank. Try any one of these romantic tips for having a loved filled time without spending a fortune.
Private dining room
A candlelit dinner at a restaurant is ok, but we can do that anytime. Out to dinner I mean.  Try putting on some good music and cooking dinner together. Not just any dinner, and not even going all out with expensive lobster or steak either. What about a simple spaghetti supper? Huh? Yes!  Pour the glass of wine and cook those long stands of noodles. Then try eating them “Lady and the Tramp” style.  Curl up with this comfort food in front of a good movie. Simple, cheap, and romantic.


Grab a drink and photo albums
Simple but effective, grab yourself a bottle of wine or go for the bubbly, and all your photo albums, you know - the ones you have so painstakingly crafted over the years but never 'had the time' to look at again.


Then put some soft music on, grab some of that wine for each of you, snuggle up on the couch and go through the albums slowly by candlelight. Savor the moments you have enjoyed together and laugh at the awful photos that are a part of every photo album!

Candlelit dinner and bathtub recollections
Spend the night getting all wrinkly! Have a nice candlelit dinner together, then head up to the bathroom, go for the full monty, candles everywhere, super hot bath, a whole bottle of bubble bath, maybe some relaxing music.

Then spend a few hours (yes hours, top up the hot water as you need to) reminiscing about your old dates, maybe about how you met as well. Try to remember good and bad dates. Depending on how long you have been together, if you are an old married couple like us, think back through all the years that have brought you to where you are now. 

You will have a laugh and joke and remind each other of all the good times you have had together, by the end of the bath you'll be all loved up, definitely relaxed, and you'll have strengthened your bond together.  

Cuddling up together
Sometimes the simple things are the most romantic, on a freezing cold day then snuggling up in each others arms on the couch or just hit the floor on a quilt in front of the fire with a big bowel of pop corn, strawberries, you know get the treats…. this can be very intimate and romantic evening.

Enjoy the closeness of each other, the warmth, and their perfume/aftershave, savor the sweet time, of just being there with the one you love. 

 What ever you and your love do for this special day, enjoy!

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