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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Once Red a Book

Look at this adorable little retro bike. It got me thinking…. Uh-oh! Ok don’t run. I want you to do thinking.
What was your favorite toy or thing to do when you were a child?

 All kids loved to have bedtime stories and some loved to sit and look at books. Many of us grew up to be real book worms. One book I never did like. I really just thought it was scary and an awful image really. As I was writing this I thought, I will find out what the meaning or origin of this story is. Like so many of the nursery rhymes they have some amazing stories and odd that we find ok to tell them to our children. Like "Rock a bye Baby" Is it really ok, and comforting, to tell our baby "the cradle will fall"... ?  Well anyway, I went to Wikipedia and there are variations of reason for the story. Basically "don't trust strangers" OH, OK! Well now I will explain that and read it with a whole new way of thinking. Not so bad.  yikes~

 One of my all time favorites were these lovable little pals. I remember the day I got my first Raggedy Ann! I thought she was loney and really wanted her mate. I am sorry to report I never did get Raggedy Andy. When I had my daughter one of the first things she got was a set. She never played with either....  Or cared that they were even in her room for that matter. Isn't that what they say, don't try and live through your kids?

 I did love my Raggedy Ann, but even more than her was what I called "real babies". I was not into Barbie. I always wanted to be a Mom. I played house all the time. My best friend was crazy over Barbie! She had the whole clan. Skipper and all the cousins. She had the big RV and clothes and shoes that would make Paris Hilton jealous.  Barbie is so much fun for so many little girls, were you one of them? 

 I was more into dress up and playing "real life" I wanted real babies and to be all grown up. My grandma had a green house that she turned into a play house. I had a kitchen and she put all her old shoes , clothes, purses, and hats out there. Yes I was dresses to the nines! I had all the best kitchen tools and dishes. and baby good items. I was one domestic diva!

 The only thing missing were my crown jewels. Of course I grew up wanting these beauties as well. I am VERY happy to report I have received some. But, well, this set still sits where ever they are when this picture was taken. 
So as we dream as little ones and can't wait to grow up..... now I sit and wonder where did the time go? Not only have I grown up, but so have my children who only yesterday I was painting their faces and helping them make forts in the living room. Now we are on to our next chapter and will watch another generation as we will see my sons expecting child dream of what will be!


Channah said...

my little girl loves Barbie,Hello Kitty,cooking stuff and anything girly that she always want her dad to buy for her.Her dad spoiled her a lot.She loves her "My First Bible" that contains lots of Bible Stories to read at night.
thanks for sharing,Miss Wanda!
God Bless you.

namaki said...

These are surely nice memories .... I was thinking of Santa Claus too ...

Jan n Jer said...

Your memories sound like mine. I always wanted to be a Mom...been there done that and enjoying the grandchildren now and also thinking where the years have gone!!! Nice post!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The trike in the first photo is so elegant!


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Is likely to savor the day
If painted in red
Or ruby—instead
Of shades of monotonous grey!

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Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Oh my, brings back some really great memories :)
Thanks for your visit!

clavs said...

I love great memories, we all do...
Your newest follower,


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