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Friday, April 8, 2011

Egg Holders and Poached eggs

For some reason I have always liked egg cups.  Eggs cups are these sweet little holders for eggs. usually for used to hold a 3 minute egg eaten at breakfast.  I have no idea why I had ever taken to them like I did. We never had them growing up in my home or any of my family members that I ever new of.  Maybe I thought they were something fancy like a princess would have so I thought they would be so delicate and fun to have every morning! Well, now I look at eating that egg and wonder how do you not end up with shell in the egg and eat that too? But I still love the little cups and there are so many of them out there.  I do own a couple, but these photos are from a google search and it was very hard to choose which to pick for my post.

 I thought this one was so delicate and pretty

This little van must have been a lot of fun and a way to get some kids to eat their morning eggs!

Really love this green one. It has bunnies on it, but I think it would make really nice any day table scape.

 If you haven't started the giggles at the first sight of this one then we need to work on a few things. I thought these were just adorable!!

Um, Really, I don't think I could eat with the chicken foot! I'm not usually a squeamish kinda gal, but....

Now, this is ow we always made our poached eggs as i was growing up and it's the way I still like em today! Yum-E-O!

And now sweet and simple. I hope you are getting everything out and put up looking cute for Easter.  

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blessedmom's simple home said...

I don't have any of these sweet little cups, but I always think they're so cute too. I guess because we all like our eggs 'over easy' or 'scrambled', we probably wouldn't use them much.
Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for your continued prayers for Jordan.

Jenny said...

What a darling collection. I'm not an egg eater, but I wouldn't mind having a few of those around to make me smile.

Theresa said...

I use to love eating 3 minute eggs in those cups. My grandmother would make them for me. She would break the shell ever so gently to get the perfect split.

What fun to see those cups. I think I have the cookie jar and salt & pepper shaker to go with the funny guys. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Those are all really cute pics! And those egg holders with the little faces! Too cute!
Have a lovely day!

Bee Lady said...

I have some egg cups but they aren't as nice as the ones in the picture. I keep them stored with the Easter decorations and use them to hold the colored Easter eggs on the table.

Cindy Bee


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