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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Grateful Heart

I have to stop and take a minute to say a word of thanks to my wonderful Father in heaven who has taken such good care of me and my family.

See we moved from Texas to Louisville Ky. to rehab homes then rent them and have the money go to mission work we had on our hearts. Our mission was to build schools and orphanages and teach them to be self reliant by selling and eating their own crops and making and selling crafts and goods. When we started building these homes the contractor we went with is a pastor and his friend. They ended up being nothing more than scam artist. This breaks my heart as he is a practicing pastor and is what people see as a man of God.

Well, we ended up after having a nice savings and no debt to now being bankrupt and we don’t know when we will be told to move from our home. In the middle of all that my husband was laid off from a very nice job he had for many many years with a comfortable income.  Every time he has interviewed he has been told he is over qualified for the job.

Ok so here is my praise and gratitude. It’s April, it’s been two years since we have had any income.  We don’t have any savings because of the bankruptcy we just don’t have anything left right? Wrong we have Jesus! He has not left us, because on paper we should not be able to be making it. If you look at all the things we are able to do and the fact that we eat, use heat in our home and are able to keep gas in the car, all these things just don’t add up. But my gracious Lord can provide and He does.

So today, Gratituesday I thank you dear Lord for all you provide for me.


Tete said...

Well, girl, God's hand is on your shoulders to keep you going that long. We have had a simular experience here, with jobs lost and savings gone. We have what we need when we need it. He has kept us going 9 plus years like this. Don't you just love that word- over qualified?
So sorry you had such bad luck with a crooked pastor, and I do believe the punishment for people who pretend to be of God and then rip people off will be tougher than that of the regular Joe out to scam.
You know God has you right where you are supposed to be, conditioning your heart, for your next mission. He never closes one door without opening another. Let Him lead you to that new door.
Maybe your mission will be right where you are giving people a hand up who have lost jobs, homes, hope.
The best help comes from people who have walked in your shoes, because they understand the hardships. The hearts are closer to God than others who have not had the hardships in life, because God has carried you through the roughest part.
Hang onto His hand and trust.
Hugs- Tete

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing this post. It often amazes me the lengths people will go to make a dollar like the pastor you mentioned. It certainly is a sign of the end times.

I am also amazed at how someone could be over qualified for a job! Praying for you!

gena said...

((((((((( gentle hugs ))))))))))

Although we're not bankrupt (yet), the medical debt and expenses we have are in the millions of dollars. We too have wiped out our savings, our kids college funds and shaken the couch cushions to pay for meds and procedures.

I agree - if not for our sweet Lord nothing would ever be possible. I BELIEVE in miracles - I watched one occur in front of my eyes.


Jenny's Heart said...

God is in control!
I emailed ya girlfriend,
Love ya

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You do have a testimony of how the Lord provides! Hopefully, the two that you mentioned have repented, asked forgiveness, truly left that behind and are not causing others to experience what you went through with them.

Prayers for your husband to find a position that he will be the right one for the job.

Blessings & Aloha!
a little behind in my blog reading...but wanted to stop and say hello!


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