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Thursday, April 28, 2011

B is for Bride

I wonder how many people will choose the same as I did for this letter B we have this week in Jenny Matlock's class.

I decided to go with Bride, well no explanation needed really is there? We are on the eve of the big Royal Wedding!

Oh yes, I was one of those many that tuned in to see Lady Diana marry her Prince! I was in the middle of planning my very own wedding so I was all about weddings and wishing and pretending to be a Princess! Not only did I stay up all night to watch it on TV, a friend who had a VCR (some younger readers may need to look that one up) was so sweet to tape the whole thing for me! Now is where you will see how my obsession may had gone to far.... through all the years when we would go through out collection, that was on the no way do not toss it list. In 2008 when we made our move from Texas to Kentucky I finally gave it up the old VHS (that's the thing that you inside the VCR to see recorded moving picture's back in the day)

I was all about the dress. what will she wear. Oh my a princess I just can't imagine what a real live princess will wear. This is the first in my lifetime that I could remember a wedding with a real Princess!

She did not let us down now did she. I wanted a train that went all the way out the back of the church. He would have if she married at my little church.

Wow the wonderful Westminster what a beauty. Like so many things in Europe the history of the building are so gorgeous!

The beautiful matriarch of the family. the more we see of this lady the more we learn she really doesn't have such a stiff upper lip. She has a bit of a funny bone and I love when we see her get ticked at something. She became the mother in law to Diana, but she is the grandma to the boy who will be King. I think those boys have really got a hold of her heart just like any grandma across the world.

 Home Sweet Home Not bad huh? Buckingham Palace. Did you know that when the Queen is "in state" or "at home" there is a flag flying. Notice in the picture there is not a flag on the pole on top in the center.... This means she was out of the country or staying at the Windsor Castle.  Or I guess a number of other things. I not privy to her itinerary. 

 So it's time for the next Princess Bride to join the Windsor family. Fill your popcorn bowls and put on your fuzzy slippers - or - go all out and fix a spot of tea and put on your fancy hat. What ever way you choose to watch it will be fun to finally see all the flowers and what her dress will look like. 

London is one of my all time favorite places around the world. Here is a shot of Big Ben in the snow. Just to right is the big Farris Wheel The London Eye. One thing I find really funny about London.....

This is painted on the street at crosswalks.

See, it's just for us silly Americans. We apparently drive on the wrong side of the road and tend to Look Left before stepping into the street for on coming cars.  Well..... yes in London they would be coming from the right.  ~ sigh

How do you plan to find out what the Bride was wearing

~ Stay up with friends and watch it as a party or with your daughter or husband or other family
~ Most likely be the only one in the house awake
~ Probably wait and see on the TV in the morning it will still be all over TV anyway


A Serenade for Solitude said...

Well, I hadn't yet thought of how I might celebrate this new marriage...I like the idea of fixing up some tea and wearing a fancy hat! :)

Exciting! Have fun!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I still remember Lady Di's wedding, it was a fairy tale come true. I'm looking forward to seeing this beautiful bride, too!

Vicki aka Jake said...

Tripping through some of the B posts and found you. How fun! And I love the pics you used. Tomorrow it'll all be over and we'll know what she wore:)

cherrylej said...

same here, I still remember the pictures of Princess Diana's wedding. and i'm always excited attending wedding ceremonies just as i have felt on my own wedding :) have a great day!

here's mine: Diary Of The Forgotten Princess

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I remember Diana's wedding and how beautiful she was!

I will probably just watch the highlights of this one on the news...

RedTedArt said...

I can't wait to see the dress!!! We are having a street party to celebrate... hooray!


ellen b. said...

I love your choice for B! We are DVRing the event so we can sit and watch while sipping on some tea or maybe in that other British tradition as the day gets long we'll have a Gin and Tonic with English Gin of course. My daughter and I went to Tea at the Queen Mary Tearoom yesterday to get in the mood for the wedding. Britain is one of my favorite places to visit! Blessings and enjoy the wedding!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I want to get up to watch the wedding, but I am afraid that the t.v.will wake up my three year old. I don't want him up that early. I dud get up early to watch Charles and Diana's

Millie said...

I did watch the last royal wedding, but I'm much older now, so I plan on sleeping through this one. I'll probably see the dress on tomorrow night's news.


gena said...

I was also one of those who got up early to watch Lady Diana Spencer become a Princess. I too, was in the midst of planning my own wedding and I just loved Princess Diana.

I'll probably still be up (we own a bakery and have crazy hours ) come wedding time, so I might just catch a bit of it. But, I'll admit, it's not the same for me as Diana. So much of the magic went out of it with all the divorces and sadness that has plagued the Royal Family.

My own son got married last summer... so I guess in some ways, I feel like "mother of the bride'ish" this time around.

BTW - I still have the VHS tape of the wedding myself !

enjoy !


RNSANE said...

Well, it's 3:30AM in San Francisco and I've watched the lovely wedding. I loved visiting England - I've been there about a dozen times over the years and have had afternoon tea at the Ritz, the Savoy and the Brown, have stayed at the Grosvenor at Hyde Park and several other hotels - though now I have friends with whom I stay - and I feel connected to the Monarchy! It was a lovely wedding and I wish the young couple much happiness. I watched Diana marry Charles, too...but my favorite wedding was that of Grace Kelly. She was my favorite of all movie stars and I've been to Monte Carlo four times now...each time, I visit her grave at the Cathedral.

My Alphabe Thursday is at:

Jenny said...

What a fun link to Alphabe-Thursday!

I didn't follow this at all and I suspect I should have!

It looks fascinating.

Thanks for a great stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "B".


Bee Lady said...

I watched it with sleepy eyes in my pj's, but I did make some scones and had tea and scones for breakfast.

I love watching the royals. I wish we had someone in the states that would bring us all together like that.

I would love to visit England.

Cindy Bee

Marcy said...

I loved watching the royal wedding--I was the only one awake in the house :)

I also live in Louisville and am a stay at home (homeschooling) mom. So glad I found your blog!

You can see my alphabethursday here:


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